Jennifer's Random Musings is interviewing the heroes of CLOSE ENCOUNTERS, Beau and Leandros, today.

Here's a taster of the fun...

Jennifer: Thank you, Beau and Leandros, for joining me today. I am glad to get a chance to talk with you.

Beau: Lady, are you an alien? How are you communicating with us on the spaceship?
Leandros: Calm down, dude, this place is whacked. I wouldn’t be surprised if this is just another hologram.
Beau: Jennifer, if that’s your real name, I’m just telling you now, I’m totally not having sex with you, no matter what the aliens want. I’m a one-woman man.

To read the rest of this interview, and what Jennifer says when Beau tells her he's not having sex with her...go visit Jennifer's blog!