In the famous words of a holograpic horny gay cowboy: "YEE-HAW!"

We've had our very first reader review of CLOSE ENCOUNTERS, less than twenty-four hours after release date, and she had this to say:

At times hilariously laugh-out-loud funny, at others extremely moving, it has a lot of hot steamy love scenes, but there are a lot of thought-provoking issues as well: freedom of choice, trust, betrayal, faith in one’s partner and in one's self. This is definitely going on the e-keeper shelf...Highly recommended.

Thank you Sadhbh for the very quick and very excellent review!

In other news, there's an exclusive interview with B. H. Dark on the Writing Playground today, and we'll be hanging out with the Playfriends all day. Come and join us...and don't forget to comment on this site, for a chance to win a copy of CLOSE ENCOUNTERS!